A fun way to discover and share 1000+ important life moments with closest ones.

Discover families and friends deepest secrets. Feel valued, contented and peaceful by recalling happy times from your past.

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Each human has a treasure of memories that is worth
to be discovered and shared with the closest.

1. We forget 50% of event memories every year, even if we think we remember 100%.

2. Research  suggests that knowing the intimate facts of our family histories makes us more healthy emotionally.

3. Using the past to enhance the present help boosting happiness through Positive REMINISCENCE

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What is Infeelit

Why we created Infeelit ?

We wanted to find a tool to capture and share the greatest life memories, keeping them safe for eternity and also that gives people positive feelings by recalling happy times from their past.

Our search has failed.
Whatever tools we tried, do not focus on meaningful moments but rather the opposite.

That's why we decided to make our own..
We believe that sharing meaningful and pleasant memories on Infeelit can decrease stress, boost mood, reduce agitation, give a feeling of success and joy.
1000+ wow life moments

Our technology help extract more than a thousand important life moments " we call them "Feels", 1000 Feels from prenatal, infancy to late adulthood !

Decentralized safe storage

We use top decentralized storage . Feels are encrypted client-side before being uploaded to our social network, ensuring data is stored securely...

Work anywhere in any device

Switch between your phone, tablet or laptop, or sync to any of our supported home devices.

Send Future memory or pin it to a location

Create memories about important events that are only about to happen in the future or ones that should open in a special place.

Privacy first. We care a lot for your privacy

Your data will never be shared or sold. We are a company that will protect and safeguard the privacy of our customers.

Create nice Feels with Artificial Intelligence

Make visible your deepest memories and your pictures beautiful with a touch of deep learning.

Your story has a huge influence on others

Memories don't belong to the past

They have the power to change our future.

Choose who you share with

Share memories with circles of friends,Family members, and colleagues.


Here Is What People Are Saying About Infeelit

This is pretty cool, I've been wanting to do something like this for a while especially for my kids but haven't been able to... this is awesome. Signed up.

John A.

When I saw the sample with Jacob 74 y/o, it evoked a strong emotion regarding the potential and importance this idea might have. Wonderful.

Shannon F.
A pretty freaking great idea! Love it. I also thought about something similar to this, but I wanted to create something more "playish" if you know what i mean... like kind of a "treasure map" you can create for your descendants. Ever thought of something like that?

Stan B.

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